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The road to larger brows doesn't have to be so difficult. There are many of solutions for creating fuller brows straight from your vanity, from trusted brow pencils to brow-growing serums. However, if you want something with a bit more lasting power, eyebrow tinting is another choice.

What Exactly Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is the practice of adding semi-permanent color to your brows to enhance, shape, and define them. According to Sacks, "tinting enables a specialist to control the brow region by darkening the small hairs that surround the edge of the brow to expand the breadth." "It also enables the expert to darken fine hairs in the inner core of the brow that are sparsely distributed." This results in a longer brow line (brow tail) or a larger front, as well as a more perfect form."

She goes on to say that the tint is created of semi-permanent vegetable dye or henna that is combined to complement your current color. This may be done at salons or at home with at-home kits. Tummala says, "It creates the illusion of bigger, more youthful-looking brows." "We're not darkening your brows; we're just matching your natural hue."

How much time does it take?

A typical session, which Saks estimates to cost between $35 and $40, lasts around 15 minutes. First, you'll meet with a professional to discuss how full and natural you want your brows to be. The doctor will next prepare the region by washing the brows and adding a small coating of petroleum jelly around them to avoid skin discoloration. The dye is then carefully blended and applied, first in the direction that your brow hairs grow, and then in the opposite way. The dye is applied for a few minutes to get the desired hue, then any excess is wiped away with a moist paper towel. Don't be alarmed if you see color on the skin behind your brows; Tummala believes it will wash out in a day or two. It could be a good idea to arrange your first session on a Friday so that you can track the outcomes throughout the weekend. 

When Can You Expect to See Results?

You should avoid getting your brows wet for 12 hours after the treatment and clean the area with gel or cream-based cleansers. "Your brows will stick out and seem larger straight immediately," Tummala explains. "You may reduce the number of brow cosmetics in your makeup regimen." The tint lasts between three and six weeks. Tummala recommends coming in for touch-ups every four to six weeks to preserve color. She also advises against exfoliating or using oil-based treatments in that region since they will cause the color to disappear quicker. Libby advises avoiding any products that may aggravate the thin brow skin, such as retinoids and retinols. She recommends applying a small coating of Vaseline or Aquaphor to the surrounding area to act as a barrier between the dye and your skin. Sacks suggests adding castor or almond oil to create the same protective barrier on the brow and keep the hue from fading too quickly.

Radiant Lash and Brow Studio - Permanent makeup Tukwila, WA 98188

How much does Eyelash Tinting cost?


Eyebrow threading is an all-natural hair removal technique that uses a twisting thread to pull the hair from the root. This allows us to create a precise and beautiful shape for your brows.
Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye or henna stain to enhance, shape, and define your brows
Tinting $30
Eyebrow $20
Lip $15
Lip/Chin $25

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